Instructions to Pass the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) Test Examination

Recently, I passed the Google Analytics Individual Certification (GAIQ) test with a rating of 91%. It’s a 70 worry on-line assessment which you have a hr and furthermore a half to complete and furthermore you need to acquire 80% to pass (Google as of late upgraded the pass rate from 75% just as the limited the second empowered by 30 minutes). I truly didn’t discover this to be over the top of an issue as I actually had 15 mins extra. 

The assessment involves a few choice requests, regularly with 4 answer for pick from. Some regardless, are the ‘check all that apply’ kind, which I found the trickiest.

Preparing for the GAIQ assessment Before you take the GAIQ assessment, the absolute best asset for prep work is Google’s Conversion University exercises, which are harmed down in to advantageously absorbable sections. It goes through the major basics, which are simple and for the most part good instinct to further developed logical code putting just as report age. I would positively exhort as yet assessing every one of the exercises, particularly for those ‘inspect all that answer’ concerns. The exercises are spread out in a sensible request, yet content is examined quickly so be set up to hit the break switch routinely, particularly on the off chance that you are planning to remember. The exercises which I believe were quite possibly the most helpful concerning finishing the assessment just as, the ones you should revive/acclimate yourself with are:

Records in Google Analytics

Shopping Tracking

Channels in Google Analytics

Space names and Sub-Domains

Treats just as Google Analytics

My test incorporated a lot of AdWords related concerns, which in spite of the fact that is shrouded in the exercises I trust I would have struggled a bit in the event that I was not proficient about running tasks. Consequently, I would positively recommend joining to an AdWords record to get a sensation of how it functions.

Despite the fact that I expect the Conversion University exercises cover most things I have in the past found both Avinash Kaushik’s books; Web Analytics 2.0 and furthermore Internet Analytics: An Hour a Day actually quite simple to look at and furthermore ingest. I read somewhere that the vast majority of the test questions were made from Brian Clifton’s Advanced Internet Metrics with Google Analytics distribution and I can perceive any reason why. Undoubtedly a supportive book and it incorporates a valuable half off coupon for the GAIQ test, moderating $25 and appropriately making guide free!

During the GAIQ assessment With 70 concerns and furthermore 90 minutes to finish, this just gives you amazingly limited opportunity to go exploration the inquiries (a min or so per request). In any case, a few of requests you will rapidly twist with, leaving sufficient opportunity to do a little bit of exploration for those trickier ones. The sources that I propose having open in your program all through the test are:

Google Look – The answer for most focuses, in spite of the fact that you will not pass without prep work.

Google Analytics – See to it you’re signed in

IP Address Variety Regex Device – I had an IP assortment concern, which I just connected into this apparatus

Treat Reference – There were extraordinary arrangements of treat questions

The best device was simply the Conversion University. I set up the recorded underneath page to have the option to immediately discover the data I was looking for all through every one of the exercises:

Change University Notes – Really important on the off chance that you use ‘ctrl F’

Decision I trust you found this blog entry useful in planning for the test. The test isn’t also troublesome insofar as you’ve had insight with Google Analytics and utilize the above tips to tidy up just as restore on the significant things you’re curious about explore this into showcasings.